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Global Strategic Planning  
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Association of Corporate Treasurers

  • Developed 5-day course for International Cash Management certification program, rolled out in UK , US and Asia
  • Created interactive exercises for use on e-learning web site

Association for Financial Professionals

  • Instructor for CTP Review Course™, CME™ courses, AFP Treasury Management Solutions Seminars
  • Advanced international programs
  • Editorial board of AFP Exchange

Citibank N.A.

  • Development of "Global Cash and Trade" training programs
  • CD ROM training applications
  • Senior management training in "Global Cash Flows"
  • Global payments industry research


  • "International Cash and Treasury Management for Bankers"
  • "Advanced International Cash Management" training
  • "US Cash Management"
  • "Working Capital and Liquidity Management"
  • "US Cash Management Updates"
  • "Outsourcing versus Shared Service Centers"
  • Cross-border Cash Pooling"

FIMetrix (formerly Macro International)

  • Research design and syndication
  • Major strategic infrastructure project for global European bank
  • International payments industry analysis for major global bank


  • "Cross Regional International Cash Management" sales training

Institute for International Research

  • "Advanced Cash Management Strategies and Implementation for the Middle East "

JP Morgan Chase

  • "Basics of Banking"
  • "A Day in the Life of the Treasurer"
  • "International Clearing and Settlement Systems"
  • "Introduction to International Cash and Treasury Management"

Royal Bank of Canada

  • CTP™, CCM™ and CME™ review courses
  • "It's Your Call" sales training program
  • Strategic projects for North American integration and product gap analysis

Silicon Valley Bank

  • Customer segmentation and needs analysis
  • International outsourcing strategy formulation
  • Vendor identification
  • Vendor selection
  • Implementation strategy


  • "Introduction to International Cash and Treasury Management"

Wells Fargo Bank

  • International Cash and FX strategy formulation
  • Project management
  • "International Treasury Management" training program
  • Internal focus groups on sales tools
  • Client product research
  • "Essential Skills for Product Managers"

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