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Global Strategic Planning  
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Strategic Planning and Implementation

  • Developed and implemented domestic and international cash management strategies for several major banks
  • Formulated innovative marketing strategies for domestic and international cash management, as well as for international private banking
  • Developed and implemented strategies for leveraging international banking alliances
  • Established and implemented global customer service strategy
  • Undertook major strategic infrastructure projects for global European and Canadian banks
  • Determined customer needs and delivery strategy for international services for small domestic bank
  • Worked with a US bank to outsource international product delivery

Product and Business Unit Development

Conceived, designed, developed and implemented new products and business units including:

  • International private banking
  • Agent depository business for Swiss banks
  • Global funds management
  • Cayman Islands off-shore investment desk
  • International banking facility (IBF)
  • International treasury consulting
  • International cash management for global banks
  • International cash management for regional banks
  • Worldwide inquiry tracking and resolution system for customer service
  • Product branding and communications strategy for retail distribution system of the future

Training, Team Building and Change Management

  • Managed sales, service and product organizations
  • Trained worldwide customer service staff in TQM work processes, best practices and new service culture
  • Developed and rolled out new sales and product training programs globally
  • Formulated and conducted senior management team building program
  • Managed change process associated with nationwide roll out of new corporate strategy
  • Conducted training programs for major global banks and professional associations
  • Ran in-house focus group sessions to research satisfaction and needs for electronic sales tools
  • Developed and delivered UK and US domestic and international cash management certification programs

Market Research

  • Managed media research department for large consumer products company
  • Conducted extensive qualitative research for major multinational clients
  • Developed customer profitability database for multi state bank
  • Statistically quantified revenue opportunity for international cash management for major regional bank
  • Developed and marketed syndicated international cash management market survey
  • Conducted focus group research into electronic banking platforms for super-regional bank

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