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Among many other business interests Allman-Ward Associates also manages Windrock Estates™. Two hundred and fifty acres in the Central Coast of California, the vineyard produces a limited amount of Rh˘ne varietal white wines and the orchard grows a special variety of Cailletiers (Nišoise) olives.

 Located on the West side of Templeton, the vineyard and orchards are at 1800’ elevation producing an almost perfect Mediterranean climate. The wines are available through Grey Wolf Cellars, Paso Robles, where owner/winemaker Joe Barton, produces exquisite wines. Primarily known for his outstanding reds (Joe was named Zinmaster in 2006), Joe works his magic with the grapes from the Windrock Estates™ vineyard and turns out masterful Viogniers, Roussannes and Marsannes. ‘Yukon Gold’ he calls them. Taste them at the tasting room on Route 46, Paso Robles, or visit his website at www.greywolfcellars.com.

The ‘black pearl’ olives are available both cured and as olive oil at The Little Market, at the North end of Ocean Drive in Cayucos, CA.